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June 6 2002
Tammy Stetson is searching for information on a Jane Sells who was born about 1851 and lived in Rains County, Texas.  She married Don A. W. Yandell, who was born about 1847.   Their daughter, Julia Ann Yandell was born about 1873 in Rains County, and died in 1904 in Wood County, Texas.  She married James Jasper McKay, born in 1870.

On the 1880 Census this family is listed in Precinct 1, Rains Co., Texas; page 136A:  "D.A.W. Yandell, age 33, born MO, farmer, both parents born MO; wife Sarah, age 28, born MS, both parents born TN; daughter Sallie Yandell, age 11, born TX; daughter D.J. Yandell, age 9, born TX; son D. Yandell, age 7, born TX; daughter J. Yandell, age 5, born TX, daughter Susan Yandell, age 2, born TX; cousin Sam Yandell, age 17, born TX, farm laborer, both parents born MO."

Is "Sarah Yandell" born about 1852 in Mississippi, on this census record perhaps the "Jane Sells Yandell, born 1851" above?     Is "J. Yandell, daughter, age 5" (=born about 1875) perhaps the Julia Ann Yandell, born about 1873 above?

On the 1860 Census of Wood County, Texas (see Celle Newsletter #35, page 2; on Celle CD#1, Newsletter Volume 1, page 101) is recorded the family of Oliver and Frances Sells.  We had concluded then (1979), and have no reason to change that opinion now, that this Oliver Sells is a son of Benjamin and Lydia Sells who moved from Tennessee to Texas between 1840 ant 1850.  (see Part 9, Family #18, on Celle CD#2, History Volume 1, page 287; and in Newsletter #123, pages 5 and 6.)

In 1860 Oliver and Francis Sells have five daughters and two sons listed in their household.   Daughter Sarah is age 16, born in Tennessee; and daughter Janie E. is age 8, born in Mississippi.  Could one of these  more likely Janie  be the Sarah Jane Sells Yandell, born about 1851/2 in Mississippi (as listed on the 1880 Census record above)?

NOTE: The AIS (1850 Census Index) records: "O.P. Sells, Kemper County, Mississippi, page 145".  Does anyone have a copy of that record?

NOTE: Also listed in the East Texas Marriage records (recorded in Newsletter #35, page 3), is a "J.T. Sells married 19 February 1885 in Rains County, Texas to Louiza Yandle."   Is this couple somehow related to the above Sells-Yandell family?

Also from Texas
Helen Sells ( has located the following obituary:

"George Monroe Sells II, age 72 of Beaumont, Texas, died May 14, 2002 at Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital.  A native of Orange, he was a banker, rancher, and businessman and had served in the United States Army during the Korean Conflict.

Mr. Sells is survived by his wife, Kay Slayton Sells of Beaumont, daughters Lynn Ann Willis and her husband Greg of Georgetown, and Eugenia Gee Cook and her husband Scott, of Beaumont; a brother, Traylor D. Sells Jr. and his wife Sara Beth, of Corpus Christi, and four grandchildren: Annie and Lee Willis and Carson and Lilly Kathryn Cook.

A Memorial service will be at 10:00 A.M. Thursday May 16, 2002 at Longe Chapel in the First Methodist Church."

     Is the father of George Monroe Sells II, 1930-2002, and his brother Traylor D. Sells Jr. named Traylor D. or George Monroe??

    Are these Sells also perhaps descendants of the Benjamin and Lydia Sells family above?

Please forward any additional records or clues to Carolyn Choppin at:                          
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